Saniflow DualFlow Plus M14AB High Speed Hand Dryer Black

Saniflow DualFlow Plus M14AB High Speed Hand Dryer Black

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Saniflow DualFlow Plus M14AB High Speed Hand Dryer Black Finish 

The DUALFLOW PLUS® M14A provides a premium experience in every aspect. Very fast (10 – 15 seconds), quiet (only 65 dB on the eco-setting) and pleasant to use. Very eco-friendly, saving more than 57% in terms of economical savings vs other “hands in” dryers on the market. Operation of the unit is hands free, and the water from the hands is collected, instead of water dripping onto the floor. The Dualflow uses an innovative hands-in design removing all the water from your hands quickly thanks to a high speed jet stream that literally blasts the water in between 10 to 15 seconds. Rather than evaporating the air rubbing your hands, the DUALFLOW utilizes separate air ducts that force air at 233 mph with a 28,000 rpm motor at only 65 - 68 dB, blowing water quickly off the hands.  Proven antimicrobial and antibacterial protection using silver ion technology from Biocote® which resists the growth of microbes e.g. bacteria and moulds.


Ultra Fast Drying time, Minimum energy consumption.
Innovative hands-in design.
HEPA filter included as standard.
2 IR sensors on both sides of the product for instant hands detection.
Motor power is adjustable, allowing electricity consumption to be regulated.
Maximum air speed 233 MPH. Dries hands in only 8 to 10 seconds (high speed).
Easy maintenance – removable water tank with Biocote protection.
Universal voltage: 100-120V, 208V, 220-240V
Over 58% saving in energy consumption compared to equivalent dryers.
30 seconds auto-off safety timer.
Lowest noise level in its category.
Suitable for medium and high traffic facilities.
Easy maintenance.
GreenSpec Approved & offers LEED Credits

Components & Materials

5VA ABS satin cover, 1-1/6’’ mm thick.
High speed class A universal brush vacuum motor, adjustable from 19000 to 28000
Adjustable motor power from 350 W to 1050 W.
250 W heating element. It can be easily switched off by means of “on/off” button.
Proven antimicrobial and antibacterial protection using silver ion technology from
Biocote® resisting the growth of microbes e.g. bacteria and moulds, complementing
the cleaning routines.
Filters with antibacterial treatment, SurfaceAideTM XL, which avoids the spread of
Fully removable water tank with Biocote® protection, with an outside valve for an easy emptying.
LED for a quick diagnosis of the hand dryer status, including an
acoustic and optical warning of full water tank.
Neutralizer to remove unpleasant odours (optional)

Technical Characteristics

Voltage: 110-120V
Power consumption: 6.8-10.6 A
Motor: adjustable 350-1050 Watts
R.P.M.: adjustable 19.000 - 28.000 rpm
Heating element: 250 W (on/off option)
Effective airflow: 65.92 - 91.23 CFM
Noise level at 79''.: 65-68 dB
Air speed: 232.6 mph
Temperature (at 4'' distance / 70 degrees F): 104 degrees F
Insulation: IPX4
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Drying time: 10 - 15 sec
Installation height: 36 3/5"
Dimensions: 25 5/6" x 12 3/5" x 8 8/9"
Weight: 18.3 Lbs


Place hands inside the hand dryer. An electronic system based on infrared sensors will detect them and the unit will start automatically and opperate with no interruption for up to 30 seconds. When hands are removed the dryer will stop.

Certificates & Qualifications

ISO 9001:2008, CE, UL. Compliant with Electrical Safety Directives 73/23/CEE & 93/68/CEE and Electromagnetic compatibility
directives 89/336/CEE & 92/31/CEE. UL according to UL499 13th
edition and CSA according to CSA C22.2 number 36-08 – 7th edition. Fulfils ADA/ UNE requirements for a barrier-free washroom. GreenSpec & LEED Certified.

Installation height and ideal location

The installation height is 36-3/5’’ from the floor to the top part of the dryer.
The ideal location is between the wash-basin and exit. It is not recommended to install dryer between wash-basins, next to urinals, lavatories and showers. If installing automatic dryers over marble surface or ledge, the minimum distance from the dryer to the ledge must be 15-3/4’’.


Surface mounted and CE/UL compliant hand dryer manufactured with high-impact 1-1/6’’mm thick ABS cover, satin finish. 110-120 V voltage. The dryer is activated through an infrared electronic sensor when putting hands inside the dryer and automatically turns off after hands are removed. High-speed universal brush motor should be from 350W to 1050W power, adjustable from 19000 to 28000 rpm, F class, with a heating element power of 250 W maximum. Maximum power of 1300 Watts with a consumption of 10.6 A (at 120 V). Noise level from 65 to 68 dB at 79’’ distance. Protection level against water splashes at rating IPX4. Dimensions 25-5/6’’ x 12-3/5’’ x 8-8/9’’. UL/CUL approved, according to UL499 13th edition and CSA C22.2 number 36-08 – 7th edition and GreenSpec approved. Surfaced mounted hand dryer shall be Model M12ACS-UL sensor operated, high impact ABS in satin.

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